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Beyond Diagnosis

Minimising risks of delay and errors in medical diagnosis.

Our mission

Creating world changing technology that makes quality healthcare accessible to everyone.

Reimagining healthcare

Medical imaging and data storage technologies performance have evolved faster than radiology reporting capabilities in a significant way. Accurate reporting capacity is now the bottleneck between radiological examination and medical intervention for patients.  

The dearth of radiologists coupled with an aging population and growing rate of NCDs puts strain on the limited number of radiologists globally further exacerbating the risk of reporting errors. Quality assurance is at the core of reducing the risk of errors in radiology diagnosis.  

what we are making


is a disruptive quality assurance
AI technology that enables radiologists to identify the likelihood of anomaly in their report/diagnosis in real time, thereby minimising risks of delay and error in diagnosis.

how we work


By leveraging technology, we provide distilled intelligence from an aggregate of enormous amount of data, enabling  physicians everywhere to benefit from the knowledge of what has worked in the past, to help inform their decision today and every other day

Who we are


Our mission is daring and drives every step we take. Instead of acting instinctively, we take each step backed by data, planning, and unrelenting focus, while optimising for success.

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