Radmol AI teams up with EIT Digital and UCD-CeADAR

Durotimi AI is researching and developing an AI/ML platform for early detection of cancer. A collaborative venture between EIT Digital (an EU-funded initiative), UCD-CeADAR and Radmol AI Systems.

John Connor

February 20, 2023

Radmol AI, a startup that specialises in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions aimed at minimising the risk of delay and errors in medical diagnosis, has teamed up with European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Digital and the University College Dublin Centre for Applied Data Analytics and Machine Intelligence (UCD-CeADAR) to research, develop and deploy its AI cancer detection solution.

Durotimi AI, the name of the solution, uses AI algorithms to help general practitioners diagnose cancer early in its growth cycle. The collaboration with EIT Digital and UCD-CeADAR will allow Durotimi AI to increase the accuracy of its system and to speed up the time it takes to detect risk of cancer.

Using primary care data and evidence, the tool is designed to spot less obvious signs and symptom that feature in the early stages of cancer. With the AI algorithm, doctors can accurately identify the risk of cancer incidence early in its growth cycle and make more informed decisions regarding referral and the treatment of cancer patients.

The partnership will see EIT Digital provide funding and support to Durotimi AI, while UCD-CeADAR will provide expertise in data analytics and machine learning.

Durotimi AI is an AI-based medical technology platform in the area of cancer diagnosis and prediction with its solutions geared to be deployed into the marklet by 2023.

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